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A list of planned improvements, fixes and bugs for this wiki. If you notice a bug or an issue, please added to the list of bugs below. If your request is about the content you would like to see, feel free to add the content your self or add it to the suggestions page.

Planned Improvements[edit]

  • Firm up rules:
    • Open source only policy (subject to discussion)
    • Low quality guides/articles being added to 'Needs Improvement' category
    • Moderators reserving right to remove or unpublish low quality content
    • Allowing certain types of external links, such as repositories, wikis, man pages but not links that are promotional (inc. self promotion, except maybe a single link on contributors user profile page?), advertising, spam, illicit, overtly commercial
  • Find or come up with an example archetypal How-to guide and feature as example in contributor guidance
  • Content sharing policy - along the lines of, welcome to use content for non-commercial purposes, but must include a link back to the original page?
  • Simple privacy & simple/none-to-restrictive contributor policy/license

Planned Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Redirect problem/TLS error that occurs when selecting page diffs
  • Moderation plugin CSS - displayed hints not very legible
  • Page navigation - heading numbers are black (incongruous)

New Bugs[edit]

Add any new bugs you find here.